iPad set up

I cracked my iPad screen some months ago…and like my Mac screen that I cracked last year, it has steadily been getting worse… Little splinters had started to come off, so I finally admitted it had happened and returned it to the macstore. They replaced the unit for half the retail price.

Although I backed it up, I have been reworking it from scratch, which is quite freeing as I have only put on the apps that I am using, have set up the cloud, iCloud, and where is my iPad, where is my iPhone.
Now I am going to download where are my glasses and the app for where are my keys!

In Process

I’ve always been interested in processes and learning how exactly to do things. I’m usually more interested in the process than the product, so I used to make dresses and get them almost finished (except for the hem) and now I have a pile of quilts waiting to be quilted and quilted quilts waiting for binding. Not to mention the articles and projects and books I have in process. Of course, the quilts eventually get binded, the articles eventually get published and I’m sure the books will too, but it is always the process of doing this that engages me much more than production itself…

This blog is about my work, life and interests–all in one place because I am the type of person who always loses the keys. So it’s a mix of research projects and current musings, sewing projects and ideas for process dramas…